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Burbank Tread Album Cover

Burbank Tread

2015 - The new studio EP recorded in Burbank California. Featuring
Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Greg Koerner, Doug Grean
(Scott Weiland), and Willie Waldman (Tupac Shakur/Perry Farrell). Blistering jams and great tunes, it’s LA meets jamband all the way! more info

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Tread Gently Image

Tread Gently

2010 - Gent Treadly studio album with 8
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$10 / Compact Disc

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Vince and Gent Live Image

Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly - Live

2005 - Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly Live album
featuring 5 Vince originals and 10 songs.
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$10 / Digital Download

Listen To Gent Treadly

  1. Keep On Walking (Tread Gently)
  2. So Long (Tread Gently)
  3. Turn and Run Away (Tread Gently)
  4. True Blue (Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly - Live)
  5. Nobody's Fool (demo)
  6. So Many Roads (w/Vince Welnick - Live in Florida)
  7. Muldar The Elephant (Live in NY)
  8. I'm Telling Mommy (demo)
  9. Is This It (A Tribute to the Strokes)
  10. So Long (demo)


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